Hockey Tips

Easy Hockey Tips to Improve Your Game

In this category, we have compiled a list of some general hockey tips and tricks to use to improve your hockey playing and skills, help your equipment to last longer, and make sure that you are prepared if any emergencies happened.

Help Your Sports Equipment to Last Longer

  • Clean your equipment more often.
  • Sick of that sweat smell drifting from your hockey bag?
  • You can use the dishwasher, garden hose or even a clothes washer to clean your equipment. Don’t use a dryer or the heat cycle on the dishwasher, let the equipment air dry.
  • Stick a couple of anti-static dryer sheets in your bag, you may try something like Bounce or Snuggles. This helps keep the smell manageable.
  • This is my personal favorite, use “stick-up” air fresheners. Drop one in your bag and you’re set on fresh scent for the season.
  • Take a small spray bottle that is capable of producing a fine mist. Combine some 50% Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water, in a 2-part water to 1-part alcohol mixture. After you have hung up the equipment, use a light spray on the inside of shin and elbow pads, pants and shoulder pads, and let dry. The alcohol kills the bacteria that causes the odor and evaporates with the distilled water. I do not use it on socks or jerseys because they are simple enough to wash in a normal fashion.

Improve Your Hockey Playing and Skills

  • Taping your stick is the trick, use non-grip tape for the butt of the stick.
  • Make sure to make a knob on the butt of your stick, this helps when you drop it and have to pick it up with your gloves on during play. Goalies, make your knob larger than normal to keep your stick from flying when you attempt a poke check.
  • Goalies, do not use black tape for the knob on the butt of our stick. This can easily be mistaken for a puck by the ref. Use white or some other bright colored tape.
  • Forwards and Defense, I would use white tape if you’re going to tape down the butt of the stick for grip reasons. This will keep the palms of your gloves from getting black.
  • Some places sell grip tape, which is sticky on two sides. As a defenseman, or also known as a forward. I liked to use this type of tape because it helped with puck control. Not everyone likes it though, and it seems to be sold only in certain regions.
  • When taping the blade of your stick, start at the toe, wrap around once, then tape toward the heel. This prevents those annoying tape flaps when the bottom starts to wear out.

Things You Need to Know for Emergencies when Playing Hockey Sports

  • Always have a first aid kit on hand.
  • You can buy repair kits to keep on hand, this will have assorted screws for helmets and skates, as well as straps for helmets and rudimentary tools. You can make one if you can’t find.