Hockey Equipment

Introduction to Hockey Equipment

Hockey is one of the interesting yet dangerous sports games to explore. Thus, you need to understand the equipment and give yourself a strong protection when playing the game. We are here to share a brief introduce on protective hockey equipment and some of the items you may need to know in the following. If you need some guide on hockey sports, we have a list of books that might be very helpful for you.

Hockey Skate

You can get hockey skate in the market with senior, junior or youth size. It made by reinforced material which able to protect your foot during the game. It is the most important piece of equipment and might affect your performance.

Hockey Sticks

Range of hockey sticks, which covers Composite stick, Wooden stick, Indoor stick, and Goalie stick. The choices came with different weight and length, choose the one which suits you the best.

Hockey Helmets

Hockey helmet act as a shield to protect your face and head from hockey sticks and pucks. Find the best hockey helmet online within your budget, you can pick from range of colors.

Hockey Gloves

You need to protect your hands when playing hockey game. There are different price range of hockey gloves for any level you play. Get the perfect fit glove, you may check the glove guide before you purchase.

Pucks & Balls

A disk made vulcanized rubber, pucks are flat and round. There are 3 inches across and the thickness is 1 inch, weight around 6 ounces. Pucks won’t bounce, only slide on slippery ice.

Hockey Neck Guards

Our neck is part of the most vital parts on our body, neck guards will able to provide padding for impact protection. To avoid any serious shock or injures, it is essential to wear a proper protective gear when playing hockey sports.

Hockey Elbow Pads

Stay protected when playing hockey games with elbow pad, as you are dominating the site during the game. Visit any online sport store or land base sport equipment shops to find the protection that suit your needs.

Hockey Shoulder Pads

There are a lot of options available in the market with different styles and protection features. Find a fit and comfort shoulder pad is essential to ensure your shoulder pad don’t ride up.

Hockey Wrist Guards

No matter if you are just a beginner in hockey games, or a pro, you need a protective and effective hockey wrist guards.

Hockey Shin Guards

Shin guards has been designed with excellent protection to absorb shock with its high-density foam lining.

Hockey Pants Shells

The hockey pants shells are designed for players to pull on over a hockey girdle. Shop online or in store today to find your ideal hockey pants shells.