All Time Top 5 Hockey Players

All Time Top 5 Hockey Players

If you are a passionate ice hockey fans, there are the top 5 ice hockey players from National Hockey League that you can’t miss out. Let’s have a tour with the following list! But please bear in mind that this list is very subjective, you may have your own ranking with all the famous ice hockey players in the world. For more information, you can refer our hockey library, we have all the reading materials for hockey sports.

Gordie Howe

He could say a legend of ice hockey games. He scored 801 goals in 26 National Hockey League seasons, and 174 more in six NHL World Hockey Association seasons.

Wayne Gretzky

With his amazing accomplishment, he scored 100 points in a season, which is one of the 4 ice hockey player who have reached 100 points over the past six seasons.

Bobby Orr

He is a Canadian former professional hockey player, born in 1948. He is the most dominant player in the game in any era. He played hockey game at different speed, he was on his game and closer to unstoppable than any other player.

Mario Lemieux

A famous Canadian-America professional ice hockey player. He is widely acknowledged as one of the all-time best hockey players in the work with his nicknamed, “The Magnificent One”.

Maurice Richard

Maurice Richard was the first hockey player score 500 goals, and the first person who brighten up the lamp for 50 times in a single season.